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Jay and Pease Talk F18s

Jay GlaserJay and Pease Glaser are two of the most accomplished sailors in the US. Each holding an Olympic Silver medal, Jay on the Tornado and Pease on the 470, and together winning the Nationals on their Tornado, as well as countless other events aboard many other boats. I can't think of a better duo to offer on-the-water sail training! Last weekend in Redwood city Jay and Pease held a tuning clinic for the local F18 fleet in an effort to ready the sailors for the upcoming F18 Worlds, which will be held in Long Beach this September. If you want to become a better sailor, give the Glasers a call, and I'm sure you'll see instant results. The following is NorCal sailor, Rich Vilven's account of the weekend. Pease Glaser

Friday started with getting to Redwood City and rigging the boat for the weekend activities. As we began, the rest of the fleet began showing up, and when we finished rigging the boats we made our way to Sequoia yacht club for the Friday chalk talk. Five of the six teams showed up for the talk, including Jay and Pease Glaser. Jay and Pease gave us hand outs and began to talk about the format for the weekend, which included all of the drills and what they involved. They covered all the skills we would need and talked through how to make the most of each drill. After 2 hours of tuning talk and drill prep talk we called it a night.


Saturday morning saw questionable weather and our 6th team finally made it, and after some discussion we all rigged up and hit the water. At that point we had 2 Wildcats, 2 Tigers, an Infusion, and a Capricorn.  We began in the basin in the flat water and a nice breeze. With a short course set, we did practice starts and a short one-lap port, port rounding set up. Pease had us do two or three starts before we were allowed to finish a race, and I think we had two or three general recalls before getting a good start. Then we changed to park and accelerate drills; park the boat and sit on the line, start to accelerate and then park again. After several hours out on the water, we all went in and took a lunch break.

Jay GlaserJay Glaser 3-Up

After lunch we all went out in some very challenging conditions. It was about 8 knots gusting to the upper teens. Daisy(Crew) and I did the first start then noticed a couple loose battens and chose to go back to the dock to reset the sail. While on the way to the dock we saw a couple near flips and a couple near pitches. While at the dock lowering the main, 2 other boats joined us saying things are turning bad weatherwise. With half the fleet at the dock, we decided to go ahead and call it a day. The other three boats soon followed and we all put the boats away for the night. Alex (Participant) had lost his mast and was helped back to the dock. After the boate were sorted, we all gathered at the yacht club for a short debrief then decided to do a group dinner.

We met back at Sequoia Yacht Club and sat down for another chalk talk, at which time, the Glasers reviewed the events and gave each team some feedback. We talked about tuning and 2 boat testing info, and how to evaluate different boats on the same scale. Lots of questions were asked and Jay and Pease were very attentive in helping everyone understand what they could do to sail better and faster. We took a short break for some yummy Chocolate Rum Cake. Thanks to Phillip and Daisy for getting the cake there to celebrate my Birthday. After a little party, we went over the plans for Sunday and  discussed how to get more out of the drills.

Sunday morning we saw a clear sky and a fresh breeze, and after a short run into the open bay, Phillip and the Glasers decided we would stay inside again due to large chop. Five boats proceded to go out sailing for more practice. Jay took time to get on each boat and evaluate the boats performance and set-up, while Pease continued to follow the boats during the races and run drills. Alex was sailing my boat with Daisy as I was feeling under the weather. Several hours of racing drills along with start stop and park drills had everyone feeling good about the weekend. Early in the afternoon we all made it back to the dock and began de-rigging.

During the final debrief at Sequoia Yacht Club, we viewed pictures and videos of the weekend, which we anaylized our newly honed skills. Jay and Pease go through each picture and tell us what was good and what could use some improvement. A lot of small details were shared and we had some really good information.


I learned a lot of tuning techniques and Daisy said she also learned a lot. We covered everything from tuning to tacking, gybing to setting, heavy wind light wind we covered all the bases, and the knowledge possessed by Jay and Pease is impressive. Their communication style, is incredible, and this was by far and away the most I have learned, in one weekend, in over 10 years of sailing.
Thank you Phillip for setting up the weekend, you couldn’t have done a better job in planning everything. Thanks to Sequoia Yacht Club for allowing us to use their club for our talks and gatherings, and thanks to all the teams for making it possible to have completion on the water. A huge Thank You to Jay and Pease Glaser for taking the time to put on the clinic.

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Rich Vilvens

Rich Vilvens

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